10 albums that have influenced your music taste or changed the way you listen to music

As per Mark Deniz'z request, except in base 24.

a certain ratio force adam and the ants kings of the wild frontier amanda palmer and edward ka spel i can spin a rainbow boards of canada geogaddi carter the unstoppable sex machine 101 damnations coil live at new forms iii front 242 tyranny for you future sound of london lifeforms grandaddy under the western freeway jean michel jarre zoolook joy division still leftfield leftism new fast automatic daffodils exit body exit mind new order substance plastikman musik sasha global underground ibiza section 25 from the hip shackleton music for the quiet hour skinny puppy last rights the caretaker an empty bliss beyond this world the wyrding module typhonic neural tantra throbbing gristle journey through a body ultravox the collection white noise an electric storm in hell